Mission Statement

SNU Showtime basketball is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing the highest quality basketball training program for Southern California youth.  Not only does our program develop the necessary skills for each child to fulfill their basketball potential, but more importantly, through the game of basketball SNU strengthens the foundation for every child to be successful in life.


Our philosophy is to promote positive reinforcement and to instill confidence in our athletes by having them excel both on and off the court.


While we’re on the court, we provide one of the most structured platforms in the nation to enhance their physical and mental training by giving them the tools to reach their goals. There’s no doubt that developing strong work ethics, sportsmanship and discipline on the court, translates to their success off the court.


When we’re off the court, SNU works with our athletes’ families to help our athletes apply what they learned on the court to their every day lives.  Together with our families, we promote a nurturing environment so our athletes develop a sense of character, respect, friendship and education… values that last a lifetime.